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Adopt a Dog Program

In 2021 we are offering a unique opportunity for businesses to sponsor a Team and be on the Club Jersey.

For the first time ever, the Morley Bulldogs Junior Football Club is opening up the opportunity for local businesses to sponsor a Doggie and be the naming rights sponsor of a Team for a 3 year period.

The Club has made the decision that it will replace its existing jersey with a "reversible" jersey which will proudly feature the sponsor on both the home and away version of the jersey on the front and back of the jersey.

Your brand name will be featured on all of our Club social media and our new website and our Club presents a unique opportunity in that it is one of the fastest growing junior football clubs in the metropolitan area.

Our Club has been very visible in the last few years, with some of our achievements being as follows:

- Auskick Centre of the Year 2019;

- Modifieds Club of the Year 2020;

- Launched the Club's first Indigenous Jersey in 2021;

- East Perth Winner/WA Football finalist for Volunteer of the Year in 2020 (Ross Condo);

- Winners of the WAFC Return to Play Photo Competition 2020;

- Launched the new Club Website in February 2021;.

- Social Media pages that are the envy of all others;

- Recognition at East Perth and State level for our Sportsmanship/Spirit of Play initiatives in 2020. Mentioned and referenced multiple times across the state and in local print media;

- One of the fastest growing and best run girls programs going around;

- One of the most culturally diverse clubs in the state;

- 2 newspaper articles about our Girls in 2020;

- Featured on the big screen at the WACA, and internally at the WAFC as the face of WA Football in 2020;

- The highest participation rate by any club at West Australian Female Football Academy clinics, with club merchandise worn each time; and

- Participation rates up every year, with the most teams in 20+ years in 2020, and even more teams in 2021.

“..The launch of the indigenous jersey last year was a great milestone for the Club but this is probably the biggest change at the Club in the last 50 years......”

The Club is respectfully, asking for a 3 year commitment in relation to these opportunities, as the cost of the new reversible jerseys is significant! Subject to the sponsor feedback, whilst we would love to be able to replace all of the jerseys in the Club in one go, we feel that is an unrealistic expectation.

As a result, it is envisaged that we will progressively replace the old jerseys with the new jerseys over a number of years.

The jersey sponsorship opportunities will be offered on a first come first serve basis, so if you are interested please reach out to the Commitee on an as soon as practicable basis as in order to get the jersey launched this year we will need to "get cracking!".

Reach out to the Club, by contacting either our President, Todd Zani president@mbjfc.com.au or our vice president, John Pinneri vicepresident@mbjfc.com.au to discuss the options and the tailoring of a package to suit your business.

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