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Round 1 | Year 4 White | Game Recap

What a ripper start to the season!

How brilliant was that for the first game of the season? Well done to all the boys today and to all families for the amazing cheering.

Congrats to our first gamers, Hamish and Declan - it looked like you both had a blast. Also huge congrats to our award winners, Hamish and Adrian 🏆.

And massive thanks to our first aid master, Oisin, our awesome coaches, parent helpers and team manager/s.

Here’s a link and photo which will take you to the video from the Anzac Day service.

Coaches' Corner

Lots of smiles on dials, lots of mates looking out for mates and best of all….Lots of Teamwork.

I’d like to say a really big welcome to the kennel to Declan and Hamish. Both played great games so I’m really happy with our two draft picks.

Congratulations to the tough and determined Adrian and the hard as nails Hamish. Both played exceptional games and should be really proud of their efforts. Our team was superbly captained by the roadrunner Leo.

EVERY single player out there today gave 100% and were involved throughout the game. We don’t rely on 4 or 5 players, we support and help each other to get the job done.

I also want to thank Damo, Kylie and Clare for running such a tight and professional team.

Lastly I want to say a big thank you to all the parents for helping out and supporting the kids.

There’s nothing better than looking up and seeing your parents cheering you on when you do a great play. You are what makes this team so enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing you all at training this Wednesday. We will start doing some activities to help us spread out and to play in our positions. We will also implement a couple of game time team rules that should help us get even better.

We did amazingly well.

Until Wednesday…..Go Doggies

PS: Practice kicking and hand balling with you non-preferred foot / fist

Thanks everyone. Today was completely fab,

Have a great weekend Editor - Kylie O'Driscoll


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