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Round 3 | Year 5 | Match Review

Good morning legends!

It felt good dusting off the old passports and journeying out to Ellenbrook just a few minutes south of Port Hedland. Unfortunately the road trip could not be shared by all members of the pack with our future Brownlow medallist, future All Australian and future AFL premiership players in Adrian, Harry, Lachie, Ozzie and Daniel all unable to attend due to H&S protocols and VISA hassles.

Those remaining who braved the 19 hour drive entered the field with steeliness and a determination to compete and scrap for every single contest. Our tall timber attacking approach started magnificently with our boys spreading wide across the field like delicious butter across fresh organic week long fermented sour dough toast. The talls contested hard in the air and our smalls feasted on the crumbs with tenacity and agility. We were playing a man down each quarter and with many thanks to Ellenbrook, we had two top up players provided. You would not have known as the lack of numbers was unnoticeable as our boys were in everything eyeballs deep. Tackles were that great that Bunnings want to use us in a video to promote Supa-Glu© because they stick….permanently! Our talk and handpassing were off the charts, but our use of the chaos torpedos may have been a tad overdone. We will work on this.

Despite the enormity of the task our boys stuck at it to the very end. Refusing to yield we showed why we are Bulldogs and that we will never quit! You should be very VERY proud of you efforts boys…..WELL DONE!

In the science word the laws of physics may have a new law to add. That law is: “When something is in Lucas the Locomotive’s way…..it does NOT remain in his way”. His long awaited first game this year was worth the wait. Ploughing through packs, clearing the zone and being awesome earned him our B.O.G. award. Congrats mate.

Our Guts and Determination award went to our very own WereBulldog Will. Dr O let him off the leash on Saturday and for 4 epic quarters he could be found at the bottom of packs fighting for the pill like his life depended on it. Such was his appetite for the contest he could be heard saying “its only a cut lip!” when the umpire ordered him off the field under the blood rule. Tough little unit Will.

There were again many highlights. Leo burning tracks in the grass with his Road Runner gut running, Jacob the Vice tackling like an All-Black….sometimes 3, 4, 5 tackles in a row. Jentsen the Giant kindly giving 5-6 Ellenbrook boys a piggyback as they tried, and failed, to tackle him when in possession, Hammer and Jacko feeding or rovers at will in the ruck contests…I was full just watching. Scotty and his dead eye goal shooting, Maty pumping the positive encouragement vibes throughout the team like a DJ at a rave, Sam for completing a half marathon at the same time as needing treatment for leather poisoning. Declan was our safety lighthouse….when we looked lost we could see him and the ball landed safely in his safe mitts. And Kian was off the chain attacking contest after contest.

Brilliant effort.

Massive thanks to our volunteers. Karen looking spectacular in the Pink running vital messages to the troops, Munyard’s for managing the Managers role to perfection with our beloved leader Clare down with the dreaded Rona. As well as managing they again washed the jumpers and Izzy killing it as Goal Umpire with the help from Zac Smythe….future careers perhaps??

Dr O had a workout keeping our boys healthy…..your push up debt is now reduced to 40 after such a fine medical display 😊.

The mighty Monaghan’s for the fruit and delicious snakes, Shaun for interchanging the boys and scoring like a Big Bang Theory TV star and Damo, for bringing the fun and energy to the boys….a huge presence in the coach box.

I’m super proud of you boys….tough trip….tough game…..and we barked hard without biting…..WELL DONE.

PS – Sunday has been erased from existence after the Floppers and Wet Toast’s “effort”…..we might need to attend their training to show them how footy is executed correctly.

Stay safe everyone. GO DOGGIES


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