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Round 1 | Year 5 | Match Review

G’day Mighty Bulldogs!

Well…..WHAT A START to our season?!?! The air was crisp, the sunshine delightful and the boys were on song.

Such was our first performance that the AFL have contacted me about a possible Friday night fixture for our boys after the embarrassment the toasters served up last Friday. We played with speed, purpose, teamwork, passion and newfound skill and poise. It was clear from the get-go that there had been no late night parties the night before and we’d all smashed back our weetbix and coco-pops. The game was played with great spirit and fun and you are all a credit to yourselves how you represented the club.

A slightly pedestrian start soon morphed into an Usain Bolt-like finish with goals pouring in from the boots of the Bulldogs. The stress of keeping pace with the scoring was clear on poor old Shaun so boys, please try and space out your goals next week 😊.

There were highlights every minute with some of my favourite being the string of passes from our mighty mids to the Ozzie Man’s chest, where he went back and drilled a fantastic goal! Crowd went wild, team got around him….Clare had to tell myself and Damo off for celebrating too hard and escaping from our designated box on the sidelines. We’re sorry but the passion got the best of us.

There were impossible snaps, bone shaking fair tackles and electric passes and coast to coast plays! Another favourite play was the Sandi to Fyfe to Pav centre bounce play that resulted in a goal in under 6 seconds! Bulldog poetry in motion.

We welcomed some new epic talent to the team. Harry “Teflon” Richard was exquisite to watch. Nothing stuck to him, they couldn’t catch him, they couldn’t tackle him and his silky smooth skills set up play after play.

Kian the Crusader Cunningham was full of energy and went into each contest like it was his last! His size and attack on the ball had the opposition second guessing themselves and opened up several attacking forays for the boys. Welcome to the Kennel Kian and Harry.

We were without our most intimidating player in Lucas, out with a munted toe, but he was there yelling from the sidelines and giving myself and Damo valuable player insight into the ebbs and flows of the match.

Another new face was also sadly missed. Daniel the Giant Gentili was out due to illness. We CAN NOT WAIT to see him in the White tearing up the track! Get well quickly mate.

Huge thank you to The big O for his first aid duties. Shaun for driving the bus so to speak (he is our tech guru who does the Interchanger app and scoring). Dan the 400 game country footy star and living immortal for running duties. The Dawe family for half time nourishment (I must have missed my coffee???). Clare……for EVERYTHING. Damo for being the best coach and motivator any team could dream of. Ricky Dowson for the extreme arm workout he got as goal umpire (he was waving the flags that often he nearly flew north for the winter!). The Munyard’s for washing the well-worn jumpers. And last but not least…..the whole parent / guardian cohort for bringing up such legendary kids and being part of this awesome team, they are credits to you all.

Tuesday training we will work on skills and our basic Ring building, Wing attacking and this year we will refine our “spread like butter” mantra to adding a bit of vegemite and even some marmalade to the mix!

Thanks again everyone…apologies if I missed something / someone or just sound completely incoherent……it is Monday.



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