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Round 3 | Year 11/12 | Game Recap

Well after packing our lunches and water bags and venturing out to Lesmurdie we got jumped a little by Mazenod in the first quarter and it was probably their inaccurate kicking that kept us in the game when we came in at the first quarter and the scores were 1.1 (7) to 2.4 (16). Arguably perhaps the lack of an area for a warm up meant that the first quarter was our warm up!

We didn't look composed going through the midfield and into our forward entries in the first quarter and we were getting out pointed on the ruck contests and stoppages and were probably luck to not be a few more goals down.

The second quarter was much better and we made a conscious effort to slow the ball down through the midfield transition and provided better connections with our forwards and it showed on the score board and we kicked 4.2 to finish at 5.3 (33) and they kicked 2.5 to finish at 4.9 (33). So all squared up at the half.

It was pretty calm and composed in the box at half time and we truly felt that if we continued to play our brand of football and remain composed through the mid that we would prevail.

Our third quarter was an excellent quarter except for the early hamstring injury to Jay Willcock which resulted in Ben Littleton going into the Ruck pretty much for the remainder of the game and he did a stellar job on presenting a presence at the hit outs and also around the game for us!

We kicked 5.3 to double our score to 66 points at the last break and we restricted Mazenod to only two goals, so at the final break they were .9 (45) and we had a 21 point lead.

The important thing was to not get complacent and think the game was won in the 'premiership quarter" and we emphasized there was still a quarter to go. The boys, to their credit ran out the game well and finished clearly stronger than Mazenod.

We kicked a further 3 goals 5 to finish on 13.11 (89) to their 7.9 (51) to run out 38 point winners in what was a hard fought contest but a challenge that the boys were up to!

GOAL SCORERS: Jacob Cattai (3), Tremaine Gonsalves (2), Jake Lombardi (2) Ben Littleton , Tyrone Virgo, David Bonini, James Boggan, Jack Criddle and Cooper Hebbard

BEST : Jacob Cattai, Jake Lombardi, Cooper Hebbard, Tremaine Gonsalves, Tyrone Virgo


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