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Round 8 | Year 4 | Game Recap

Righto Doggies,

Things are serious……I’ve been on the blower to the lawyers all day! It seems that our exciting, breathtaking and incredibly entertaining brand of footy is seen as a threat to the multi billion dollar professional sports brands. The AFL, NRL, NFL, EPL, NHL and even the Tour de France conglomerates feel threatened by us as they know we provide far more fun and entertainment to the crowds than any of these organisations combined. They have pleaded with me to get the mighty fighting 4W Doggies to tone down our brilliance a little bit so that people will still be interested in their comps……..I agreed and promised for the next two weeks we will tone it down (They haven’t figured out we have two week bye yet so watch this space).

Yesterdays match against a very well drilled Coolbinia was electric! Had I known we were going to play on an actual ice-rink I would have told the boys to bring their ice-skates. The looks on their faces as they crunched the frost under their feet was priceless.

The match began in a blaze of multi-coloured end to end tussles. The Blue, white, red, green, pink, aqua, black, purple, orange and silver socks made the game look like two very keen and committed rainbows fighting it out for football supremacy. Forget the annual “Colour Run”, the Sock it to Sarcoma event is the hottest ticket in town. Magnificent effort team for all the money we raised.

The match was literally an arm wrestle from go to whoa. It was incredible to watch you guys listen to instructions before each quarter and then go out and execute them. Team mates were calling players back when needed, passing down the wings, stringing together length of the ground hand-passes and running to space. It was frenetic (ask your parents what that means….some will know, some won’t).

Our social distancing game was STRONG as we spread out like butter on delicious homemade sour dough toast and the way we built our wall from kick ins was as epic as the building of the Great Wall of China thousands of years ago. We tackled ferociously but fairly and hunted the ball like it was full of lollies and Nintendo switch games.

EVERY SINGLE DOGGIE contributed AGAIN and we are really lucky to together in this team because there is a real spark. The spark is so powerful it would charge a Tesla sports car. We were lead brilliantly by our co-captains The Niggling Ninja Noah and the Marking Marvel Lachy. Their efforts of harassing the opposition for the loose ball and their pre-game address inspired the boys!! They typified the Bulldogs Bark over Bite mentality.

Huge congratulations to The Industrial Vice-Grip Declan for his huge marking power and two brilliant goals. I think these were his first two for our club (But I’m old and forgetful and if you have kicked one already these two were even better)! Well deserving of the Macca’s best player award.

Our Guts and Perseverance award was earned through hard work and non-stop effort by The Roadrunner “Beep Beep” Leo. If those little legs moved any faster they would break the sound barrier. He never quit having a red hot dip all day. Well done boys.

To the Astone flag waivers a huge thank you……The skill shown should earn you the role of flag bearer at this years olympics such was the grace in how you performed (pun deliberate).

Our First Aider Stephen kept the boys strong and healthy, and didn’t need any ice this week as the ground was covered in ice.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks and standing on the sidelines watching you Doggies evolve and grow into the brilliant team you are brings me so much happiness and is the best medicine that no doctor could ever prescribe.

Damo, Clare and Kylie…..Can’t thank you enough for everything.

To the parents; yet again you do the Morley Bulldogs Footy Club proud. Massive support for the whole litter, great respect and acknowledgment for the opposition and volunteer at the drop of a hat.

The management and coaching team have a challenge for you all now. During the break we want you to take a picture or a short 15-20 second video of you doing something awesome footy related. You could video yourself kicking a ball into a basketball hoop or take a picture of yourself taking a hangar…….use your imagination.

Enjoy the break. GO DOGGIES

PS: Dave I expect this will take you all week to read this :)


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