• Todd Zani

State Lockdown

Training Cancelled until Tuesday 27th April!

As you are all most likely already aware the State Government has announce a 3 day lockdown which will commence from midnight tonight and masks will become compulsory from 6pm tonight.

As a result, all scratch matched scheduled for this weekend, including tonight's game, have been cancelled and all training that was scheduled for tonight and over the weekend and Monday night have been cancelled.

We will keep our members informed and this is likely to be a fluid lockdown, subject to further State Government announcements.

Take the time to have a great long weekend with your little doggies and fellow doggies and we will make a further announcement on Tuesday.

Be safe and have a great long weekend with your loved ones.

If you have any queries in relation to the above do not hesitate to contact our President, Todd Zani, on president@mbjfc.com.au.

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